domingo, 2 de novembro de 2008

where I am now

where I am now
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Hi Everyone, This is the Place I blog from! It is a cozy and silent place where nobody disturbs me!! i usually blog listening to music, especially MPB which is my favorite!

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Osny disse...

Nice place, teacher. Im my home I also have something similar, but I don't know as put a picture in the blog to show you.

Have a good week.


Carla Arena disse...

Hey, Marina, I loved your working and entertainment space. I wish I had my own little space, but I can't complain! I work looking at the sea, though it's not a personal, customized space. It's in my living room. I keep my computer on our dining table. I hope to change that soon!

@Osny, ask your teacher to give you an email that you can post your photo straight to her Flickr account, a photo sharing place.

Luciano José disse...

Hello everybody. I also have a especial place where I study and surf on Internet. I'm in this place now. Here there are a computer, a table with a chair and one bookstand with some books.
There is another room in my house that I like it. In this room I do my hobbies. My preferred hobby is electronic. I make somethings useful or not for me. :)

Marina disse...

Hey Osny, You can take a picture and send it to and I will post it! carla, I envy you, i wish i could work looking at the sea as well!
mr blogger ( luciano) send me a picture, I would love to see where you post from!