segunda-feira, 10 de novembro de 2008


This is a post and a challenge for you! Can you figure out which perfect tense you are supposed to use in each verb ( simple or continuous)? Then, post it and also tell us what you have been doing/have done lately!

Guys, I´m sorry IHaven't bee posting(post) as much lately, the fact is that I Have bee (be) busy with my webtool online final project and other interesting stuff I have been doing(do)!! I also have been doing(do) a lot of examns, because I need to undergo a surgery at the end of the year, it is nothing serious, but I can´t delay it anymore. I have been learning
(learn)about some very nice sites on the internet like flickr,diigo,postposterous,wikipedias etc. I have been trying(try)to use some of the tools by myself first, so that I can use them with our class later. I have also watched many interesting videos in the YOUTUBE! I will post some links for you later! And what about you? What have you been doing(do)lately?

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