domingo, 12 de outubro de 2008

What Would You do If You Had a Million Dollars?

Following is a video of the song "If I Had a Million Dollars" by the bared naked Lady. Watch it and tell me what you would do if You had a million dollars.
Would you stop working? What would you buy? Would you give any money away? would go anywhere?
Enjoy it!

8 comentários:

TATIANE disse...

Hello Teacher! If I have one million dollar I would buy a big house for me and a big house for my family. I would buy a new car, a BMW. I would put a silicon and would have a liposucktion. But if I have one milliom I would send my monster in law for Iraque, See you tomorow bye bye

Luciano José disse...

Hello Tatiane. And for your english class? Wouldn't you buy nothing?

Osny disse...


Don't worry! I help you to spend this money.

Luciano José disse...

But, if i had a million dollar i would buy a million things for a million peoples.

Osny disse...


I agree with you!! I would like get a new car too, please!!

TATIANE disse...

Hello Luciano, of corse, I would buy a exclusive teacher and I would stay in somewhere where people speak inglish!!

Gilberto disse...

If you had a million dollars, I think so you could invite your´s friends class to a great barbecue in a your house in Miami. But, if you didn´t have a million dollars, you could invite your´s friends for a barbecue in Brasília. :)

claudio disse...

Hello people,
If I had a million dollar,in this moment I would be in a good place (a beach in Taithi for example) planning the next place to visit. I would invite my english class friends to be with me. Don't worry. My new plane would take you there.